Bruce Loewen

Bruce Loewen - 1987 BJ74

1987 BJ74

13BT, H55f, 4.7 Marlin, splitcase
60 Series axles, SKY widetrack kit, Spring Over axle,
Cable/ARB Lockers, Home/club build bumpers, Factory snorkle,
PTO/hydraulic Superwinch, Drawer system, Technitop roof top tent,
Weaco freezer, ARB fridge, Cobra CB, Yaesu 7800 HAM.


Craig MacKay

Craig MacKay - 1993 HDJ81 (Otto the Automatic)

1993 HDJ81 (Otto the Automatic)

Mostly stock JDM HDJ81, upgraded turbo, 2.5" suspension lift and 33"s.


Herb Peyerl

Herb Peyerl - 1993 US Spec FZJ-80 with 1HD-T diesel conversion

1993 US Spec FZJ-80 with 1HD-T diesel conversion

H150F 5 spd
HF2A tcase
ARB front bumper
4x4labs rear bumper/tire/gerry-can carrier
35" Mickey Thompson MTZ's
5 inch lift
Safari Snorkel
Warn 8274
Yaesu FT8900

Herb Peyerl - 1972 FJ-40

1972 FJ-40

3spd tcase
Belton 2.5" lift
rear spring flip
full cage
Warn 8274
35" MTR's


Jim Kelsall

Jim Kelsall - 1977 FJ-45 (Borg - "Resistance [to buying more Land Cruisers] is futile")

1977 FJ-45 (Borg - "Resistance [to buying more Land Cruisers] is futile")


Kevin Mantoani

Kevin Mantoani - 1978 FJ40 (un-named)

1978 FJ40 (un-named)

Stock 2F with either 400 or 500,000kms on it
Front: MAF shackle reversal with 3" lift springs, Rear: SOA
'81 FJ40 Power Steering
Summer: 34x9.5 TSL. Winter: 35x12.5 BFG AT
Aqualu aluminum front fenders
Old School Ramsey winch


Marc Ritchie

Marc Ritchie - 1981 BJ-42 (Shaker)

1981 BJ-42 (Shaker)

3B-T Ported and Polished
4.7 Marlin, H41, split case
ARB Air lockers, 60 series axles, SKY wide track kit
39.5 Irok Radials
Four-link rear on air bags
Armoured tub
24V Warn 8274 w/Synthetic rope
200+:1 crawl ratio
Rubicon proven

Marc Ritchie - 1991 HDJ-81 (Grey Poupon)

1991 HDJ-81 (Grey Poupon)

OME J springs
315 75 16 MTZ tires
Safari Snorkle
Factory electric lockers, Factory electric winch
Yeasu 8900 HAM


Peter Straub

Peter Straub - Zippo - the truck that catches on fire

Zippo - the truck that catches on fire

1986 BJ70
634,000 kms Daily driven 1986-2009
May Zippo Rust in Peace
For Sale USD$10,000 FIRM

Peter Straub - Zed (aka Ziplock, aka Snowflake, aka Sprinkles)

Zed (aka Ziplock, aka Snowflake, aka Sprinkles)

1988 BJ74
Polished/Port Matched head, 21lb boost, Marlin 4.7 Toybox, 'Straub-namara' Gear, 4.88 final drive ratio. Crawl 218:1
Sprung over on factory leafs, Bam-bar, 4x4 labs steering, rock-ram, 39.5 Irok Radials, Longfields.

Peter Straub - SuperDodge


2003 Ram 3500


Rick Dang

Rick Dang - 1995 FZJ80

1995 FZJ80

4" OME Lift
studded 315 Cooper STT's
ARB Bull Bar
Warn 8274
Safari Snorkel
OEM Tire Carrier
Yaesu FTM-8900 (ham)
ARB onboard air
Dual Yellow Top Batteries
Worn/Torn Leather Seat's Mod


Cody Chatfield

Cody Chatfield - 83 BtJ60 rustbucket

83 BtJ60 rustbucket

Merkur turbo+intercooled
aussie locker Custom bumpers
longs and poly rears.RDB's +4runner calipers
parabolics in front, 39.5 IROK's on DC-1's

Cody Chatfield - 92 FJ80 Cummins 6BT

92 FJ80 Cummins 6BT

part time 4wd conversion
custom bumper+8274
37" nittos


Phillipa Loewen

Phillipa Loewen - 1991 HDJ81

1991 HDJ81

Factory 1HDT turbo diesel, FT/RR/center lockers, winch
ice making center console, foldaway mirrors
swing out tire carrier, custom drawer system,
Technitop tent, dog/cargo barrier
aftermarket 2.5" OME suspension, ARB freezer/fridge
Yaesu 7800 HAM, Cobra CB






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