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Re: [VORTECcruisers] VSS options

With an automatic trans, you will need a VSS.  If you need a Downey pulse generator,
I have the speedo-cable-driven generator with the related parts, which is for sale.
I discovered I didn't need a VSS with my setup.
Edwin Gilbert - Alta Loma, CA  - TLCA #5659 - So. Cal. TLCA
1977 FJ40 - 5.7L Vortec - NV4500 - Split xfer case
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Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 9:20 PM
Subject: [VORTECcruisers] VSS options

I'm going to put a 4.3 sfi motor with a th350 to a marlin crawler
(mini truck cases) and trying to decide 1. if I need a VSS and 2.
what are my choices if so.  It is a rock crawler and will see
occasional road use, but no emissions are required.  I'll run
whatever emissions I need to, depending on the computer I get. 
Downey has a 1 1/2" tcase adapter or a 3 3/4" that can be fitted with
a reluctor ring.  I haven't priced the reluctor option yet.  Talking
to Fuel Injection Specialties, the guy said they can put a 40 tooth
ring on the rear yoke of the t-case, but then it's exposed to the
elements and mud etc may interfere sometimes.  That option is about
Searching the archives came across the Downey 2 pulse and generator
as an option (from 2001 posts).  I need to call Downey, but are there
other options out there now that would allow me to go with the short
adapter and not spend a ton of money?

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