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RE: [VORTECcruisers] Towing with your Vortec cruiser...

IMHO, find the space to keep the truck.
Cooling is always an issue with a V8 conversion - especially under heavy towing conditions.
Brakes are nominally able to handle the load (safely)
Suspension isn't designed to carry the tongue weights for heavy loads unless you go with heavy duty springs

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Subject: [VORTECcruisers] Towing with your Vortec cruiser...

I'm new to the list and wondering about the towing from those of you
with Vortec-equipped cruisers.  I tow with a full-size diesel pickup now
and it's pretty easy.  I don't have the space to keep the pickup and an
FJ62 like I would want.  So I'm wondering about the practical towing
aspects of a 60/62.

I figure the towing won't be an issue with a 5.3 or 6.0 Vortec.  Maybe I
should be concerned with the brakes more than anything.

Any thoughts on this?  What have your towing experiences been...

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