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[FJ55] 3 FJ55s for the price of one + bonus engine and drive train

I am posting this message to the list as a favor for David Lewis. He is
deploying to Afghanistan on January 27th with the Oregon National Guard and
needs to find these a new home.

Vehicles are located in the Portland Oregon area.

The daily driver is a 1972 Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser. Compression is 112,
112, 110, 113, 112,110. It has an auxiliary tank that fills on the drivers'
front with the neck going down to the tank mounted underneath the drivers'
side of the vehicle. The auxiliary tank looks like a large square box. This
vehicle has limited rust and came directly from Japan. Dave has all of the
import paperwork bringing it over in 1976. Free and Clear title. Looks like
a very clean FJ55 and well worth the package price by itself.

Included with this sale is another 1972 FJ55 that runs and is titled and a
1973 FJ55 that also runs but no title. Both have rust in the usual places.
The 1973 appear from the photos to have nice floorboards. It might be viable
to swap the 73 body onto the 72 and get two titled nice Fj55s out of the
deal. They have all of the original equipment. 

Also included is an additional Toyota 3spd transmission, Ranger Torque
Splitter UNDERDRIVE attached to a 350 V8. It was originally installed in a
1977 FJ40.

The 1972 vehicles are completely stock, the 1973 has a 2" lift with 31's on
it. None of them have power steering or disc brakes.

I have posted images to my website: www.fj55landcruiser.com

Dave would like to sell all of the vehicles in a package deal if possible.
He would like to get $4,600/obo for the whole package. You can contact Dave
directly at David.Lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or on his cell at 503-803-3550.

Steve Helzer
1969 FJ55

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