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[FJ55] I drive a '55 t-shirt


I thought SOR had those (years ago).  The guy who designed them lived/lives up near Golden and gave me one as part of a parts deal. Terry Holben is his name. 
I'd think Jeff Zepp or someone like that may know his whereabouts or contact info.

Steve Helmreich
Colo Springs, CO

> Are the "I drive 55" t-shirts still available?
> If so, anyone have a link or email of who to contact?
> Thanks,
> Joe
> Joe Mylie
> TLCA # 6363
> Yankee Toys  - www.yankeetoys.org
> Gotham City Land Cruisers - www.gclcny.com
> http://www.yankeetoys.org/jmylie/images/CMCC2004/DSCN0702.JPG
> http://www.yankeetoys.org/jmylie/images/suzys_40/DSCN0522.JPG
> http://www.yankeetoys.org/jmylie/images/HJ60/DSCN0883.JPG
> http://www.yankeetoys.org/jmylie/images/55smurf/smurf%20002.jpg

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