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Re: [FJ55] Iron Pig sighting in Connecticut


We definitely need to bring him into the fold.

CMCC is June 15 thru 18

No date has been set for the Pig Run.

Of course, we could do some local trails.


Joe Mylie

TLCA # 6363
Yankee Toys  - www.yankeetoys.org
Gotham City Land Cruisers - www.gclcny.com

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  Just got back from the post office in Newtown, CT, where I spotted a nice stock 1975 FJ55, red and white. Fellow who owns it, Curt Davis of Newtown, says he recently bought it from a friend.

  So, Joe, between your two pigs in Woodbury and my pig and this guy's pig in Newtown, we could have a local pig roundup and hardly leave home!

  William Sampson
  1972 FJ55 rolling restoration project
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