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Re: [FJ55] FJ55 Project / Vin # help needed

Get a Bill of Sale and make sure he signs over title.  You need to sure you have a good title document.  Stay away from the purchase without a title document.

VINs are on the car body to establish ownership.  The engine compartment VIN is easy to take off and on with screws.  I don't know why Toyota did it that way.  Have the current owner reattach the VIN.  The center body post VIN is not that easy to reattach and could show tampering. 

In California, a local Police or CHP officer or DMV official can fill out a DMV declaration form to verify the attached VIN.  It is simple form I have filled out numerous times in my career.  Just make sure there are no mistakes or cross outs on the form.  

DMV can establish a new VIN on a vehicle.  You may get taxed on the value of the car for registration purposes.  That's California for you.

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