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Re: [FJ55] V8 questions

Howdy!  I did my swap nearly 20 years ago using a complete, running engine 
and power steering system from a 77 Chevy full size Caprice sedan.  I used 
AA motor mounts and transfer case mounts also.   I used the cast aluminum 
bell housing and a Ranger III Underdrive as an adapter to my H42.  It makes 
up for the overgearing created by the 35 inch tires.  I retrofit an earlier 
year of AIR system to keep it smog legal.  The exhaust manifolds are the 
same, but they have the AIR bosses on them.  I ran dual pipes down inside 
the frame, then outside  just in front of the spring shackles.  From there, 
it runs into turbo mufflers tucked up as tight as possible to the floor and 
then exit in front of the rear tires.  NO problems with exhaust fumes in 
the cab.  I used the AA clutch bracket with original clutch slave and 
master, but I beefed it up because it was flexing a little.  Made my own 
adjustable pushrod from grade 8 all-thread with tappered wheelnuts jambed 
on both sides of the stock CAST clutch lever.  I mounted the power steering 
box inside the frame, behind the radiator.  It is tight, but it works 
nice.  I found a ujoint to replace the rag   one on the steering box, and 
fit the Piggy steering shaft into it.  Added a little bracket and carrier 
bearing on the lower part of the shaft near #3 cylinder.  I use a "one wire 
clip setup" on my  internally regulated alternator and the rest of the 
wiring pretty much just spliced together straightforward.  I am still 
running the original mechanical fuel pump, so not much help there.

Now for my favorite part.  Cooling.  I have done a lot over the last 20 
years trying to maximize my cooling for the desert.  Currently, I have the 
stock 4 core radiator with a new high-density core and the lower hose 
fitting moved from the back of the bottom tank to exit straight down for 3 
inches and then turn 90 degrees back to the engine, allowing me to run a 
19" seven blade, solid steel fan without a clutch.  I have a FlowKooler 
water pump with undersized pulley and oversized drive pulley on the 
crankshaft.  This gives me about 30% gain in pump speed and about 20% gain 
on the alternator.  My driving lights stay real bright while the engine is 
at 500 rpm.  This pulley setup is common on larger truck engines.  I do not 
use a shroud.  I have run this setup for the last several years in the 
desert heat of 115+ without ever going over 180 degrees.  I also swapped 
out the AC Delco a/c compressor for a York  onboard air setup.

Are you going S/O on this rig?  That's a whole nother story!!

Good to see you posting up again.  Don't be a stranger.
Pics available upon request    {8^}-
John Bricker
76 FJ-55 Safari Grade
all around Phoenix, Az.

>Boy, I haven't posted to this list in ages.
>What motor mounts do you like, for putting a v8 (tbi 350) in a 55? What
>radiator? What manifolds or headers fit well in a 55's engine compartment
>and frame rails? What did you do for clutch slave/master, if you have an
>SM465 in a 55, mated to a GM bellhousing? Speaking of bellhousings, is
>there anything I need to know, or are all SM465 bellhousings the same?
>Should I mate the stock '76 ignition switch / column to the howell TBI
>harness, or get a gm junkyard column? I have an external fuel pump, also
>from Howell. Where did you mount yours?
>Morgan Fletcher, morgan@xxxxxxxxxx Oakland, CA, USA

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