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Re: [FJ55] stock 350 TBI manifolds

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  • Subject: Re: [FJ55] stock 350 TBI manifolds
  • From: "Brian Lingenfelter" <BrianLi@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 10:22:49 -0700
  • Thread-topic: [FJ55] stock 350 TBI manifolds

>>Thanks, Brian. Which should I get,  2" rams horrns or 2.5" rams horns? 
>>Who makes the repros?


The Walker OEM crossover pipe is 2" so I went with 2" center dump Rams Horns and 2" pipe all the way back. I woulda preferred 2.5" but, I kept it simple. I think the 2.5" Rams Horns are from the fuel injected Corvette line. The 2" RH's are more common. The manifolds I bought from Baxter's had GM stamped in them.


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