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[FJ55] 71 pig turn signals

Turn signal situation on the 71 pig.


Problem 1:


It appears as if the assembly in the stock is missing some sort of metal tab
that would complete the circuit when the stalk is moved. If anyone has a
line on an assembly that I could swap in, it would be greatly appreciated. I
suspect the po was attempting to fix the problem and scrapped it. the
steering wheel came off with a slight tug.


Problem 2:


Are two flashers? Hazard and Turn? When I activate the hazard lights, they
flash, and the flasher in the lower left footwell clicks. When I jump the
turn signal contacts (left or right), I think I get a single click from what
appears to be a flasher box mounted behind the instrument cluster, and then
the light stays on, (no flashy :-(). The hays book shows two flashers in the
wiring diagram, but no location pix. The turn signals is behaving like a bad
ground, but the hazards are working just fine.






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