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Re: [FJ55] Sad news...


Wow, what a story...
I am new to the Pig list, and relatively new to TLCA.
Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.  I am in CO, but have a brother-in-law on Bainbridge Island, he is a great guy with 2 little kids.

My wife and I are expecting our first kiddo, and my Pig does not run.  Your story struck me with full force.

1978 FJ-40
1974 FJ-55 w/ 3FE powah!
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Rising Sun 4 Wheel Drive Club of Colorado
Fort Collins, CO

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> Subject: [FJ55] Sad news...
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> Its been a long time since I last posted here.
> I am sure that many of you knew one our long time Knights, Tom Green.  
> I just got done talking with his wife Krista for like an hour. Tom  
> passed away this summer. He had battled cancer a few years ago, but  
> it came back suddenly with great force in June.
> Tom was a great guy and truly loved the FJ55 Land Cruiser. When I  
> first purchased my 55 I knew nothing about them and was having  
> troubles getting it to run well. Both of us were new to the old Pig  
> List at the time and he drove over from his house in Renton to help  
> me get my truck in tune. Over the years we exchanged parts and met a  
> few times. He and his family then had to move to Connecticut for a  
> few years before moving back to the Seattle area. I last saw him a  
> little over a year ago.
> Throughout all of this Tom kept working on his dream of building up  
> the perfect 55. He collected all kinds of parts and even planned on  
> doing a full EFI. He had two 55's that he was going to use for this  
> venture. In the end he was just too busy with corporate work and  
> fatherhood to get the project done. And then he got sick.
> Towards the end he and is son talked about the 55 project. Krista and  
> Dereck now would like to build a restored 55 from the two 55's and  
> all the parts that Tom collected over the years. This project will be  
> in Tom's honor and will then be the vehicle that his son (Dereck)  
> will drive. This is simply a wonderful idea. Krista is very serious  
> about this and has the budget set aside to complete all the work.  
> After talking with her today I think this will be a wonderful healing  
> project for them both.
> I plan on taking the ferry from Seattle over to Bainbridge Island  
> next week to go over the two pigs and check the parts stash etc.  
> Hopefully I can help come up with a plan and steer them in the right  
> direction. I guess before he died Tom told Krista to call me as "Max  
> will know what to do." Krista said that she thought Tom meant I could  
> help with figuring out how best to sell everything once he was gone.  
> Listening to her talk about Tom, his love of FJ55's and their family  
> plan to finish his dream was just so sad and totally inspiring all at  
> the same time. I feel honored that I could offer some help towards  
> this end.
> Goodbye Tom!
> Peace,
> Max
> Maxwell Balmain
> mbalmain@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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