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[FJ55] She's Alive!!! Need some lights

Just got the 74 FJ55 started up for the first time in a couple of years. She
took well to the fuel tank transplant so I'm now looking for a couple of
lenses to get her through an inspection and back on the road.


Here's what I need:


Left Taillight lens (big solid red one)

Turn signal (really just need the plastic pieces - the little stem and the
backing - but will take that whole thing if that's what it takes)


Looking for reasonable deals to get my baby back on the road. I'm located in
Bedford, VA 24523


Email me at sean_fagan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Also, still have a 83 FJ60 for sale that needs some attention (master clutch
cylinder, driver's window and regulator) sporting an ARB Bull Bar, rubber
floor mats and a set of 6 BFG MT with only 10k miles on the tires. First
$1,500 takes it.




Sean in Bedford

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