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[FJ55] Year of the Pig

In the wake of celebrating Chinese (Lunar) New Year Sunday, I thought I'd 
wish the list a Happy Year of the Pig. Although this is technically a Fire Boar 
year, it still should be lucky for our Iron Pigs. Incidentally, if your FJ55 
was born from January 27, 1971 to February 14, 1972, it actually was born in a 
Metal Boar year, so then it must be the most iron of Iron Pigs. My June 1972 
missed it by a few months, and is a Water Rat. 

Having just replaced the hood and gas tank (look, Ma! No leaks!) and looking 
forward to some major rust intervention in the spring, I'll take the Fire Boar 
year as a sign that my welder will be busy. Hope to see you all on the trail!

Will Sampson
1972 FJ55 rolling restoration project
1968 M101-A1 cargo trailer
TLCA #16929
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