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[FJ55] Birfield may go dark for a few days

I am making a forced switch from the old hosting provider for 
birfield.com to a new hosting provider. I run birfield as a hobby, and 
unfortunately I starve it for time because I am starved for spare time. 
Right now I'm the only guy working on birfield. The transition has 
already begun but the old birfield - where all email still goes - will 
go dark Friday, tomorrow. There is already a new birfield, has been for 
some time. You may stop getting mail from birfield tomorrow. DON'T 
PANIC! It will come back. I will work on it until it does, in my spare time.

I am paying for both the old and new birfield out-of-pocket. I will put 
up a donations link. Feel free to send me donations at 
paypal@xxxxxxxxxxx Right now I'm in the hole over $1500.

Dad, Cruiser Owner, Bike Rider, Lame Sysadmin

Morgan Fletcher
Oakland, CA
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