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Re: [FJ55] (no subject)

Don't give up on it. The roof is such a simple shape, I would thing it would 
be easy to cut, patch and weld. It's funny that your problem is the roof. What 
do you think it's from? Coastal fog? Salt air? I used to live up the coast 
from you in Gualala, and we always attributed rust to salt air. Now I live in 
Connecticut, and its snow and salt on the roads. The roof is the only part of my 
truck I DON'T worry about rust on. I just spent a good part of yesterday 
fabbing and welding a rear fender rust repair. I just figure this is a perpetual 
chore if we want to keep the pigs on the road.
Will Sampson
1972 FJ55 rolling restoration project
1968 M101-A1 cargo trailer
TLCA #16929

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