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[FJ55] Roof Woes

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Some years ago in my South Coast area a guy had cut away the old roof at the gutter edge and it was finished with buttoned down white vinyl like pickups used to be done.


Eric Lint
Laguna Niguel, Ca.

I have one of these "button-down" conversions in Oakland. I keep promising to get some photos to the list, but something else seems to always take priority. The PO did the work, and to my eye it looks quite nice (with the exception of the U-Channel aluminum pieces that were added as a make-shift gutter. The top fits well, and removes easily when it is warm out, though a bear to replace if you wait until sundown and it shrinks in the cold. There are 2 burly 2x4 steel rect tubes that arch across the top - one where I can smack my head, and one just behind the passenger seat - they are nicely integrated and painted body color. the edges where the roof used to connect have been similarly finished. Their burliness has come in handy too - I've carried 26 2" x 6" x 16' redwood desk planks with no troubles. The truck has had drinking problems lately, so it mostly sits in my driveway, but I'm going up to Mudraks this Saturday for a carb swap, so I'm hoping she will be well and street legal again soon. I'll try and remember to shoot some pics while Gary does the challenging stuff. ;-)

Peter Andrea
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