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[FJ55] RE: FJ55 Digest, Vol 34, Issue 1


Could be the headliner held in humidity or salt. No telling really but I am sorry to hear about the cancer. Suggestions: 1. Try to get Morgans old roof- He didnt say if he wanted to remove his because of cancer so thats one possible solution. 2. I have heard good things about POR15 'Paint Over Rust'- comes in many combinations. You could use that on the inside of the roof and use a good etching primer on the outside and call it a day, much less money than the fab work- in my opinion. Tucker Thurman (from this list) first told me about POR (and was supposed to post pics of a rusty fan shroud, Tucker!) and I have since investigated it hear locally in NC.

It's slightly hard to find in my area, some paint shops can order it and I found it at a big rig reconditioning place nearby, they use it on the frame. I have seen it in a rusty (swiss cheese rusty) truck bed. One side had holes you could beat through with a glove and the other half had POR on it and you could smack it with a hammer and it didnt chip the black paint. That's the downside to it, it dont look pretty for a paint job but for the inside out, or a floorboard, it might help you out.


Jay Weaver
74 FJ55 3on the floor, leaky exhaust
Concord NC


1. (roof) (Perkins)

Message: 1

I have a  '72 fj55 here in Petaluma and am having body work done on it.
The news is that the roof is in bad shape (rusting from the inside out),
so I am at a crossroads as to what to do.  I have driven this cruiser
for 25 years and hate to give it up, so if anyone out there knows of a
good roof on a dead cruiser or if you have an incredible cure I would be
happy to hear any ideas.  Thanks Tom

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