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RE: [FJ55] (no subject)

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I have often wondered why roofs go....The batting, or filler used to make a
ceiling liner have form was made out of cotton or some material that holds
moisture.  I talked to an interior guy who has done auto interiors for over
40 years and he said that is the cause.  I would have the rotted spot cut
out and weld in a flat piece.  After grinding and painting, it will look as
good as new.  

"Life is a journey, not a destination...Enjoy the trip.."
Kevin Schmid
Teacher Grades 6 ,7, & 8
Wisconsin Virtual Academy
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I have a  '72 fj55 here in Petaluma and am having body work done on it.  
The news is that the roof is in bad shape (rusting from the inside out), 
so I am at a crossroads as to what to do.  I have driven this cruiser 
for 25 years and hate to give it up, so if anyone out there knows of a 
good roof on a dead cruiser or if you have an incredible cure I would be 
happy to hear any ideas.  Thanks Tom

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