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[FJ55] RE: Incredible Roof Cure.

Hi All:

Kelly, do you have any photos of the truck posted on the 'web?




"Al *" <waterheaterman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I recently had my 69 FJ55 Roof Repaired by having it Rhino Lined White.
I had to do some significant prep work.
First, it had a lot of rust holes above the rain gutter.
I used a steel brush and cleaned up the rust and smaller pieces.
I got the vacuum and sucked out all the debri.

My headliner was already toast, so I just finished ripping it out.

Then I went inside and spray foamed along the whole roofline between the
body and roof. (Don't overdo it just fill the area to allow the foam to come
out of the holes).
Let the foam dry over nite then use a long knife to slice off the excess,
from outside.
Then sand smooth, and use a hammer to align any metal that is not flush.
Then off to the Rhino shop, they used a small amount of body putty to seal
the foam, then Rhino lined the whole top.
Looks great! Like a vinyl top!
I agonized about what to do for a long time, then finally decided on this.
Hope this helps.

Kelly FJ55

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