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Re: [FJ55] (no subject)

Howdy!  I would do an oil/filter change, pull the spark plugs and fog 
the cylinders with light oil or "anti-seize" spray, turn the crank 
180 degrees and spray again, then ride the starter for several 
minutes  with NO fuel supply or spark plugs connected,  till the oil 
is up in the top of the engine.  Install new plugs, even though they 
may get messy from the spray, Hook everything up, and spray a shot of 
ether (cold weather starting juice) down the throat, and fire it 
up.  Keep the RPM pretty low.  Run it till it is up to normal run 
temp.  Shut it off.  Do an oil and filter change, check spark plugs 
to see if they are clean and dry, if not then replace.  They aren't 
that much $$$.  I did just this, and my 5 year stored 350 zoomed back 
to life.  It's still running after 200,000 miles, and 12 years in my 
Piggy.   I had planned on the long hibernation, so I also fogged the 
jugs with anti-seize when I first hung that baby on the engine stand.

John Bricker
76 FJ-55 Safari Grade
all around Phoenix, Az.

At 10:37 PM 4/26/2007, you wrote:
>Have a question about a motor that's been sitting 5 yrs in storage, drove  it
>in but hasn't been started in all that time and don't want to just go crank
>on it?
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