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[FJ55] (no subject)

>>>>Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 01:37:37 EDT
From: TrapprCrg@xxxxxxx
Subject: [FJ55] (no subject)
To: fj55@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Have a question about a motor that's been sitting 5 yrs in storage, drove  it 
in but hasn't been started in all that time and don't want to just go crank  
on it?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trapper, do a visual inspection, including pulling the spark plugs out. If the engine looks good, check the oil level and condition by pulling the dipstick and checking the oil on it. To see if the engine is frozen, squirt some lightweight engine oil into each of the cylinders to prvide lubriation. If you want you can alos pul hte vavle covers and apply some engine oil to the valve train. Then turn the engine over manually using the fan belt and cooling fan or by putting a wrench onto the front pulley nut. If it's an F or 2F and you have the handcrank for it, use that. Don't try to start the engine until you know it freely turns over.
Let us know what happens.
Nautical Wheeler, '72 FJ55

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