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[FJ55] Exhaust routing

I'm finally getting around to a more permanent and trail-friendly solution 
for my exhaust than the stock FJ55 setup, and I'm looking for specific routing 
suggestions. I want to locate the muffler on the inside of the frame rails. I'm 
thinking either next to the transfer case and above the transfer case skid 
plate or just a bit farther back. But looking at spacing issues, should I be 
trying to route the exhaust pipe from the manifold below or above the 
engine/tranny mount for best route to the rear? Are there heat issues or other things 
besides clearance I need to consider? What are the pros and cons of running the 
pipe all the way to the back of the truck vs. some other exit, like in front of 
the left rear tire? Joe Mylie, if you are out there, what's the specific 
routing on your green pig? That seemed to work well, but I forget the details. 
Suggestions anyone?
Will Sampson
1972 FJ55 rolling restoration project
1968 M101-A1 cargo trailer
TLCA #16929

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