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Re: [FJ55] Exhaust routing

I have two pigs.  Stay away from the exhaust venting near the left rear tire or just below the rear door. Noise, bad fumes or a hot tail pipe are all negatives.  Plus if you want to place sliders on, the exhaust will be in the way.  Inside the frame rails is a good choice but think of putting some reflective shielding at your new location as the floor can get a little hot.  My two cents.


---- WdshpBiz@xxxxxxx wrote: 
> I'm finally getting around to a more permanent and trail-friendly solution 
> for my exhaust than the stock FJ55 setup, and I'm looking for specific routing 
> suggestions. I want to locate the muffler on the inside of the frame rails. I'm 
> thinking either next to the transfer case and above the transfer case skid 
> plate or just a bit farther back. But looking at spacing issues, should I be 
> trying to route the exhaust pipe from the manifold below or above the 
> engine/tranny mount for best route to the rear? Are there heat issues or other things 
> besides clearance I need to consider? What are the pros and cons of running the 
> pipe all the way to the back of the truck vs. some other exit, like in front of 
> the left rear tire? Joe Mylie, if you are out there, what's the specific 
> routing on your green pig? That seemed to work well, but I forget the details. 
> Suggestions anyone?
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