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Re: [FJ55] FJ55 Digest, Vol 35, Issue 10

One of my pigs was rerouted a couple of years back, it was just too bad the 
exhaust tweakers I dealt with threw out the normal donut type flange and 
replaced it with a flat surface-to-surface flange that destroys gaskets and 
adds unnecessary stress (anyone have the donut end of an exhaust for an F 
engine laying around?).

Mine is routed directly inside the framerails.  The muffler is a little 
behind the skid plate, about 2-3" from the floorboard area.  It sits way 
higher than the skid and is always out of the way of rock.  Now the rear of 
the pipe exits through the leaf spring and directly behind the rear tire.  I 
don't smell fumes from this setup but with 1.5" sliders under uncut rear 
rockers my exhaust gets smashed all to hell.  I even carry an extra piece of 
exhaust tubing at all times because pinching it closed has been so common. 
The exhaust is also in the way  if the fuel tank has to be removed.

Jesse Cancel

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