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[FJ55] water pump question

Anybody have an answer to this? Several years ago we had the water  
pump fail ('75 F2 motor in 71 truck, connected only to the  
alternator--no other accessories). We were forced by circumstances to  
have a local service station replace it. Later I discovered that the  
pump pulley doesn't perfectly line up with the crankshaft and  
alternator pulleys. While it worked fine for a while, eventually the  
fan belt began to squeal constantly. It was a tad long, so figuring  
that might be contributing, I replaced it with a shorter one, but  
that broke after about 2000 miles. I wonder if the 1/2 -1 inch  
missalignment might be the cause of the squealing (the pump pulley is  
closer to the block than the other pulleys). Also, anyone know the  
correct length for the fan belt in this circumstance?

I'm assuming I'll need to get a proper water pump, but I'm not sure  
if I'll just be getting the same thing all over again--I don't really  
know what sort of pump I've got, although one clue is that there is  
an extra water outlet just beneath where the pump shaft comes out of  
the casing. My previous pump did not have this.

Bob Schenker
Oakland, CA
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