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Re: [FJ55] pump

Go to the SOR(Spector Off Road) website, put in your year of vehicle and
find the pix of your exact pump,

There will be a measurement of the shaft length in each pix,
If you are still not sure,  just take a measurement of your pump, and see
which one would work the best.

The extra ports aren't a big deal, except that you may have to block them
off if you don't need them,
but, the overall length will help you decide which one will work best.

I have an F engine, but have added PS and ended up using a 2F pump and
double pulley, etc.

Look at the pix, take the measuerments and you'll be able to figure out what
you need,
be sure to account for the pulley you are using to get the right belt

Also the guys at: cruiserparts.net  are pretty helpful on stuff like this.
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