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Re: [LCML] VIN wackiness when titling 1974 Pig (Utah/Colorado)

Howdy!  It must have been obvious to the good folks in Utah that the 
Pig was such a great and wonderful beast that Toyota just HAD to sell 
more than 100,000 units, so they made room for the sixth digit.  Some 
old record systems required that you justify numbers to the right, as 
though they had a decimal point on the end, and then fill in the 
blank spaces with Zeros.  The USAF had a real hissy fit when there 
weren't enough zeros on the left side of numbers back in the 60's and 
70's.  I remember that I had to go in to work at "0700"( o seven 
hundred).     John

>I bought a '74 Pig from Utah.
>When I went to do title and registration here in CO I hit a snag 
>because the VIN inspection revealed that Utah stuck an extra "0" in 
>the VIN on the title that is not physically there on the Pig.
>The even weirder thing is that the woman at the courthouse found a 
>'76 55 whose VIN read like the one on the Utah title. So I called 
>USMCruiser who has a '76 55. Same thing. His docs have the zero that 
>is not on the Pig.
>Is it some big deal to have 6 digits after the body style code on 
>these old cruisers?
>My VIN - FJ55 xxxxx
>Title reads - FJ55 "0" xxxxx
>Anyone help?
>1978 FJ-40
>1974 FJ-55 w/ 3FE powah! (now running!)
>TLCA #10713
>Horsetooth 4 Wheelers Cruiser Club
>Rising Sun 4 Wheel Drive Club of Colorado
>Fort Collins, CO
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