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[FJ55] Cluster question


Obviously, the cluster would have to physically fit the opening and not look
too 'rigged'.

After that, you might find that you need a later temperature sending unit to
work with your '60 cluster. I suspect the gas gauge would work ok. Oil
pressure should work, too. If the '55 has amps and the 60 has 'volts', you'd
need to connect the ammeter wires on the '55 and run a new wire for the
volts to the 60 cluster.  I'd say if you can get it to fit and look halfway
decent, go for it.

You may also need a custom speedo cable with a '60 speedo-head end and a '71
'55 transfer case end. Having  trip odometer would be a nice freebie from
this conversion.  Having your speedo cable remade should be a $30-60 job at
a good speedo shop, depending on whether they replace the housing. If they
do, have it made a few inches longer, since LC speedo cables tend to be
barely long enough in the first place. HTH - Steve

>>   1. fj60 instrument into a fj55 (Elvin Smith)

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