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Re: [FJ55] Puzzling change-over date small/large tail lights

I have a 68 55 that has ambulance doors and I too am looking for a tail
light lens.  Under separate email I have sent you a picture of mine.  My
tail light lenses are amber and red.

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Subject: [FJ55] Puzzling change-over date small/large tail lights

Weird puzzle....Dutch FJ55, frame-number FJ55-78236.
According to the SOR age-table, it should be 8/1977, not 9/1977.


Hence small tailights, not large.
(change-over date 'until 9/1977' vs '9/1977 onwards')
(according to a note that Joao Rangel once sent me[*])

But this Dutch 55 has small taillights....
Was this change-over month a 'clean cut', at the start of 9/1977, or 
could it have been anywhere in that month?)

Or, to put it differently: has anyone ever seen even later serial 
numbers, still with small tail lights?

(I had known about this 55 for quite some years, but I never saw 
pictures of it, and because the registration date was very close to 
mine (3/12/1977 vs 9/12/1977), I simply assumed it also had large 
taillights, just like mine)
(but I also discovered just now that the difference in serial number 
is quite large too; mine was 79584 (as such not a surprise, only 1-2 
dozen were sold in Holland, in all the years, so old stock, 
registered much later than the actual date of import, is quite 
(btw, I now also start wondering about the difference with mine 
between 'FJ55-79584' and the actual frame number '00TOYP-11159584' 
(both listed on the papers)....it was never 'scrutinized' by any DOT-
inspector, but something tells me that this should have read 
11179584....hmm....ah, no, wait, the Dutch system also had a type-
code 1115, IIRC....just weird that they sacrificed one signficant 
frame number for that purpose....because it wouldn't be impossible to 
have another 55-sample ending on 9584....1xxxx to 6xxxx, and 8xxxx to 
11xxxx.....so 10 more possible matches....;))
(I now also start wondering that they switched 'frame-number' vs 
'vehicle ID-code'....it's the long number they also address with 
'place of location on frame horn', not the short one)

[*] anyone talked/emailed to Joao recently?....desparately trying to 
get into contact with him....


Willem-Jan Markerink

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