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Re: [FJ55] FJ55 Digest, Vol 39, Issue 9

'60's were out in '80 in Canada. They followed right after the '55. There was a significant increase in the prices of Japanese vehicles in the US and Canada in '79 which may have had Toyota rethink the '60 introduction to the US.


Thanks for the link to the SOR frame numbers! http://www.sor.com/fj55frame.html

>From this I have done some quick math and posted up what I believe to be Pig production numbers (worldwide): http://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=85114

I came up with this:

1967: 39
1968: 1824
1969: 3564
1970: 3990
1971: 5763
1972: 5999
1973: 7409
1974: 8152
1975: 10156
1976: 11572
1977: 13679
1978: 16945
1979: 15508

Total Pig Production: 104,600

That assumes no gaps in frame numbers...

I am a little suspicious of the numbers. If production kept ramping up, why kill the Pig and have no wagon in production for 3 years? WHy not build the Pig until the 60 was ready to launch? WOuld it take that long to switch production lines over? I doubt it.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had Pig numbers that were sold in the USA by year? Or can anyone speak to the above numbers?


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