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Re: [FJ55] FJ55 Digest, Vol 39, Issue 12

I'm quite happy with the ride.  The truck is quite a bit higher than it was. 
  I think it has 1" over stock shackles as well and the shocks were whatever 
SOR sells that have enough travel.  There are I think 4 degree correction 
shims up front as well.  I also used greaseable pins, I would have had 
greaseable shackles as well but when you're passing through you get whatever 
is in stock or do without.  I did the center pin at the same time.


>Charles,  I am wondering how you like the ride of the suspension from
>spectors leaf springs and which shackle and shock set you used?  I have
>a '72  that I am restoring after driving for 26 years and would like a
>change in suspension, but hopefully pick the right set up the first
>time.  Thanks Tom

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