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[FJ55] Rain gutter fix / roof rust

I would chip out the old roof gutter putty, wire-wheel any rust out of the
seam, treat any rust with a phosphoric acid treatment (Extend, or similiar),
then buy the 3M sealer for rain gutters (a goopy, caulk-like material), fill
in the gutter, and paint with a suitable top coat. I would only use the 3M
(or reputable) levelling sealer - not caulk or anything with silicone.

I'm not sure brazing is worth the trouble or would prevent leaks and rust as
well as the putty. If you store the truck outside in a wet climate, rust
will reappear much faster. Also, there is a body of thought that indicates
that much of the rust in FJ55 roofs starts on the inside, due to condensate,
a non perforated headliner, padding in the roof, and roof pillars that allow
moisture to drift upward from the fenders.  Nothing you do on the outside of
the gutter will address this.

So, if you pull the headliner down, or if it's already missing, I would also
inspect the rain gutter area carefully from the inside.  I hosed down the
inside of the gutter areas with a can of cold-galvanizing spray.  Parking
the truck inside and not driving it in salt or rain (when avoidable) will go
a LONG way toward preventing roof rust.

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