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[FJ55] Roof, Rain gutter rust




I agonized over how to fix my roof, for years. Last year I finally decided
on a solution.

I didn't do anything with my gutter sealant, except clean it with a wire

I had a lot of large rust holes through the sides of the roof, so I used a
wire brush and removed the big stuff. I used a wet dry vac, and sucked out
the debris best I could. 

My headliner was already toast, so I finished pulling it out. 

Next I got a can of the spray foam, used in construction, and went inside
the Pig, and filled in all of the roof structure beams, until it started
oozing our thru the holes, or just barely coming back inside. 

After it all dried, I got a saw type bread knife, and cut off the excess
foam & sanded it smooth.

Then I took it to my local Rhino liner guy, Mike S (shrouty@xxxxxxxxxxx)

he has a NICE FJ40, (and a love of old cruisers) St George, Utah area,  He
put on a little bondo with his finger to seal the bare areas and the foam. 

Next he sprayed the whole top with "White Rhino", and wow, it is permanently
sealed, and protected, looks great, like a new vinyl top! And it added lots
of strength to the metal.  

It is just what a non welder, semi-mechanical cruiser head needed. Now I
don't worry any more, and it looks great. Thanks again to Mike S

Anyway give this a thought, might give you an idea or two of your own. 



Kelly FJ55


Just finished maiden voyage this summer, of 2400 miles round trip to
Northern Idaho,

after installing a "fresher" F engine.:-) 












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