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[FJ55] Pig en route!....:))

At exactly 13:45 this afternoon, a slighty sad Pig left town.
Sad, because it had been treated relatively well in temporarily ownership over 
the last 3 years, protected against the harshest of elements, emotionally 
bonded to the soil it was standing on (okay, also a bit physically, because of 
one flat tire (that I couldn't read the valve of, being parked only inches from 
the wall)....yet that bonding was only temporarily, and soon cured with a 
But also happy, because it inherently knew that no matter how badly it was 
treated in the far distant past, at its previous owners, first as a scholar 
welding/bodywork project at a dealership, later as a donor for a semi-royal 
German pig, there was a bright future glooming on the horizon, in a country far 
Even more happy in the knowledge that it would finally meet not 1, but even 2 
fellow Pig's, which it had not seen since it rolled from the distributor's 
parking lot in 1980.
(I am ashamed to confess that it never really met my 1st 55, standing near, but 
behind closed doors)
Also happy because it somehow instinctively knew, that, after more than 2 
decades, it might finally start rolling under it's own steam again in the near 
future (of course, it knew it would one day do so, but it had no idea of the 
when and where....and it could only pray that it would not end up even further 
as a parts donor....but no, that was not to be its fate)

Pig ahoy, sailing away for a new shore!

Willem (pigless, but not in Seattle) Jan


Willem-Jan Markerink

      The desire to understand 
is sometimes far less intelligent than
     the inability to understand

[note: 'a-one' & 'en-el'!]

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