The weatherman in these parts is comical in his inability to make predictions. In the years that we've been winter camping, we've been fairly lucky and had mostly agreeable weather where it is calm, sunny and hovering around freezing during the day. On one occasion we had -25C. -35C is possible, but unlikely. We're not in the extreme North but we will be adjacent to the mountains and the prairies. Both regions are noted for their extreme and variable weather. The amount and type of snow we will have is impossible to predict. Being on the leeward side of the Mountains, the air is very dry by the time it gets to us and we might have barely enough snow to cover the grass, or we could have a meter over the trails. It's impossible to know until the day of the event. This means that the trails are unpredictable. We are simply unsure of what will be easy or hard until we get to the trail. It could be bare dirt, it could be covered with a 4 foot deep snow drift, or it could be indistinguishable from a bob- sleigh run all within as little as a kilometer. So, we need to be prepared for anything. It will be the judgment of the trail leaders to decide whether to push on or turn around, depending on conditions and the time of day. Please be aware that as a result, there are no guarantees about any trail rides, other than we will do our best.

You can check Environment Canada's website for forecast information when the time comes closer and to get seasonal averages and other info you may find helpful.




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