About Us

Who We Are

The Rocky Mountain Land Cruiser association is a tightly knit community in Calgary, Alberta Canada made up of individuals who share a common interest – the Toyota Land Cruiser; in all its makes and models, and in all stages of (dis)assembly.

Some of us are new Land Cruiser owners whereas others have been driving a Land Cruiser since first obtaining a driver’s license. Others are collectors, stockpiling what’s out there to ensure that our grandchildren will have a reliable vehicle to drive. Some may be restoring a truck to near showroom condition whereas others may just be enjoying and maintaining their Land Cruiser as a daily driver. However, most of us use our Land Cruisers to explore Canada’s wilderness.

We welcome all Land Cruiser owners, from new off-the-lot wagons to ex-mining troop carriers to 1967 Chevrolet transplants. If you’re a new Land Cruiser owner or new to off-roading or restoring your Cruiser, we can probably help you out. We’ve even adopted the occasional mini-truck and 4-runner owner.

What we offer

Every few weeks, we plan a trail ride usually west into the start of the Rockies. If you’d like to join us on one, check the contact area and drop us an email. You can also join our mailing list. Instructions on subscribing and unsubscribing can also be found in the contact section.

We also offer a network of people sharing the same interest. If you’re restoring your Land Cruiser, chances are someone in the club has done the same repair you’re about to attempt and you can learn from their experience. If you’re new to off-roading, it’s a great place to start because in a convoy of Cruisers, nothing ever gets stuck (for long).

We hold meetings once a month where we swap stories and discuss club matters. Feel free to drop in. Meetings are every third Thursday of the month, at the Austrian Club of Calgary, generally at around 6:00.

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