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Custom BJ60 Rear Bumper Fabrication

I’ve always wanted something better than my stock “Rust à la Chrome” bumper, and when I had to cut off the edges of it this summer while doing bodywork, (upcoming Toyota Trails article about that) I had to cut off the ends of the bumper to weld some sheet metal. Not wanting to drive around with half a bumper, I finally had the motivation to fabricate a new one. First, I bought some 2×4 tube steel, and some 3×1 solid steel. The 2×4 would make up the main bumper, and the 3×1 would be the mounting plates / D-shackle mounts.

I started off by cutting and welding the edges of the bumper, to make it seem a little better than just a tube. I cut a triangle out of the ends, leaving the bottom intact, and then bent the bottom up to meet the top of the bumper. 

This created a better shape, and with this part finished, I could measure the truck. 

I wanted to mount the steel bars to the inside of the frame, and since the old bumper had a cross-member in the way, that received a couple minutes with a sawz-all.

Once the old cross-member was removed, I had to drill holes in the frame to which I could mount the steel bars. Half an hour later, I had finally drilled the 4 holes in the frame that had to be drilled. I mounted the steel plates on with some bolts, and then marked where the holes would be on the bumper.

Using a cutoff wheel and a sawz-all, two rectangular holes were cut on each side of the bumper-to-be, and then it was time to test fit.

To my surprise, it actually fit on, meaning it could be welded in place, and painted. And, because I was stupid and forgot to take photos, you’ll have to take my word that I welded it before the final paint coat. I just used some cheap rustoleum spray paint, this summer the truck will be undergoing a windshield frame replacement, and when that gets painted, the bumper will receive a proper coat of paint. Even now, after only a couple months with the paint on this bumper, it’s already rusting, so don’t expect anything to last unless you prime it first.



Other photos:

The old bumper

And finally, a spot of Canadian parking with the new bumper