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Crafting, RMLCA Style – Macrame Night

Last night was the first annual RMLCA Craft Night, this year being “Macrame Night” in which the night was spent weaving soft shackles out of 3/8’s Amsteel rope.

Peter Straub, the RMLCA’s Social Co-ordinator, described it on the mailing list.

After a very dubious start, Macramé night ended on a successful tone.  We started all watching various videos on the youtube, and regardless of the video, there was some element of the magic to the button knot that we could not get sorted.  Finally, Marc ‘got it’, and he was then able to do one on one tutorials until we all had our fill of shackles!
One of the secrets is the length… 3/8’s rope, start with 8′ of rope.  9′ for the 1/2″ rope.
I suspect there will be some shackles at the club raffle next week.
Thanks to Lloyd, 2x Kevin’s, Craig & Marc for coming out.
Working with the Amsteel blue, our hands looked like we had murdered a village of smurfs by the end of the evening.